TLP Series

Vertical In-Line Single-Stage Pump – API 610 11th Ed. (OH3)

TLP Series - Vertical In-Line (OH3)

TLP Features

  • Max. Capacity:  660gpm (150m³/h)
  • Max. Head:  390ft (120m)
  • Max. Temperature:  350°F (180°C)
  • Max. Pressure:  230psi (16kg/cm³)
  • Max. Power:  200HP (150kW)

TLP Applications

Caustic Transfer Monomer / Polymer Transfer Liquid Nitrogen
Acid Unloading Reflux & Light Tower Bottoms Liquid Ammonia
Waste Acid Recovery Pickle Liquor Circulation Steel & Mill Industry
 Chilled Water F42Condensate Return Filter Feed  

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