TSMP Series

Multi-Stage Turbine Pump – API 610 11th Ed. (BB3)

Between bearings, axially split, multistage TSMP Series pumps are designed for high head, high capacity services.  The TRUFLO BB3 pump meets the specifications of API 610 11th edition requirements.


Engineered features make the TRUFLO TSMP Series provide an extremely reliable, high performance pump, well suited to a wide range of services.  The TSMP Series pump assures stable performance and high efficiency levels for high temperature and pressure.

TSMP Series - Multi-Stage Turbine (BB3)

TSMP Features

  • Max. Capacity:  4,400gpm (1,000m³/h)
  • Max. Head:  3,940ft (1,200m)
  • Max. Temperature:  390°F (200°C)
  • Max. Pressure:  1,710psi (120kg/cm³)
  • Max. Power:  2,100HP (1,600kW)
  • Material:  WCB, CF8, CF8M, CD4M, CN7M, Hastelloy B&C, and CA6NM
  • Axially Split Casing for Easy Maintenance
  • Low Vibration Design
  • Dual Volute Design for Extended Bearing & Seal Life

TSMP Applications

Refineries Injection Offshore Platforms Mine Dewatering
Remote Pipeline Boiler Feed in Mid-Range Cogeneration Process Transfer

TSMP Brochure


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