MAP Series

Metallic Magnetic Drive Pump – ANSI B73.3 (OH1)

TRUFLO's MAP Series of magnetic pumps are used for no leakage service and they are the most economical and efficient pumps.  Designed to eliminate the leakage problems associated with centrifugal pumps and mechanical seals.


The MAP Series pump was developed to conform to ANSI dimensions - allowing our customers to simply change ANSI pumps without any correction of piping systems or foundations.  The customer may also select from a variety of materials that range from CF8 to Hastelloy C in accordance with their liquid property.

MAP Series - Metallic Magnetic Drive (OH1)

MAP Features

  • Max. Flow:  2,640gpm (600m³/h)
  • Max. Head:  760ft (230m)
  • Max. Temperature:  350°F (180°C)
  • Max. Pressure:  230psi (16kg/cm³)
  • Max. Power:  150HP (110kW)
  • 14 Different Sizes
  • Material:  CF8, CF8M, CD4M, CN7M, Hastelloy B&C

MAP Applications

Volatile Organic Chemicals Liquidized Gas Explosive Liquids
Seal Sensitive Services Irritants Hazardous Services

MAP Images

MAP Brochure


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MAP Dimensional Drawings & Performance Curves

Pump Size 50Hz   60Hz  
1.5"x1"-6" 900rpm 1450rpm 2950rpm 1150rpm 1750rpm 3550rpm
3"x1.5"-6" 900rpm 1450rpm 2950rpm 1150rpm 1750rpm 3550rpm
3"x2"-6" 900rpm 1450rpm 2950rpm 1150rpm 1750rpm 3550rpm
1.5"x1"-8" 900rpm  1450rpm 2950rpm 1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
3"x1.5"-8" 900rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
3"x2"-8" 900rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
4"x3"-8" 950rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
2"x1"-10" 950rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
3"x1.5"-10"  950rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
3"x2"-10"  950rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
4"x3"-10"  900rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
6"x4"-10"  950rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
3"x1.5"-13"  950rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm


1450rpm 2950rpm 1150rpm 1750rpm 3550rpm
4"x3"-13"  950rpm  1450rpm  2950rpm  1150rpm  1750rpm  3550rpm
6"x4"-13" 950rpm 1450rpm 2950rpm 1150rpm 1750rpm 3550rpm

MAP Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual

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New Low/High Flow Sizes Available

We now have low flow and high flow sizes available for DAP and MAP Series.  They are available for selection on our Pump-Flo Storefront.

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